Wine Sales Management Online Certificate

Online sales and management training for wine and beverage industry professionals.


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Program Overview

This 16-week online program provides sales and management training for suppliers and distributors in the wine and alcohol beverage industry.  Through exploration of route-to-market strategies for alcoholic beverages, students gain client-facing sales and territory management skills.  Building on this knowledge, students complete weekly series of live webinars and submit activities or quizzes with video coaching and feedback from the instructor. 

Who Should Enroll:

This program is directed primarily at current winery sales and marketing employees, roles with supply chain and logistics responsibilities, entrepreneurs, and those seeking to get into key distributor positions. It is also beneficial for those seeking to enter the wine industry.


The Online Certificate in Wine Sales Management requires successful completion of two 8-week online courses:

  • BUS 849WPrinciples Wine Sales Management
  • BUS 848W  - Advanced: Wine Sales Management
Delivery Structure:

Each 8-week course is delivered entirely online through a combination of assigned readings, pre-recorded lectures and slideshows, weekly activities and projects, discussion forum submissions, and a live weekly webinar discussion to review the content covered over the preceding week. We recommend students be able to commit 4-6 hours per week to complete all required readings, slideshows, assignments and webinar sessions.

Note:  All live webinar sessions are recorded and available for asynchronous viewing via the online classroom after they take place each week.

Upcoming Courses

BUS 849W
Principals Wine Sales Management



2.4 CEU

Fee: $1100


This online 8 week course will give students a solid foundation in the current reality of the route-to-market. Domestic sales, selling wine in retail stores (off-premise), restaurants and bars (on premise), and distributor sales. Course concepts will be examined and explored through the lens of the wine industry.

Application Deadline is 8/1/21

Topics covered:

  • Wine Consumer & Category
  • Pricing tactics 
  • Route to Market via 3-Tier
  • Successful Steps to a Sale
  • Supply Chain Management
  • On Premise & Off Premise Opportunities
  • Marketing & Merchandising 
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Skillset needed for selling
  • Sales Presentations
  • Virtual Market Visits

BUS 848W
Wine Sales Management*


March 16, 2021 -
May 11, 2021

Tuesday Evenings 5:30 - 6:30pm

2.4 CEU

Fee: $1100


This 8-week online course provides an advanced education of sales and management training for suppliers and distributors in the wine and alcohol beverage industry. Building on students’ previous coursework in the Wine Business Management or the Wine Sales Management programs this course is designed for employees and owners seeking to refine their sales management skills and deepen their knowledge around identifying markets, applying marketing materials to real world markets and developing multi-level pricing proposals for all sales channels. 

Topics covered:

  • Identifying market trends: seasonality of sales trends
  • Wine Distribution Costs
  • ROI on a salesperson vs other marketing options 
  • Accountability of your sales team
  • Managing the distributor
  • Analytics & Managing data
  • The supply chain/bullwhip effect
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Distributor Review meetings       



*This course can be substituted as an Advanced level course for students completing the Online Certificate in Wine Business Management.

Certificate Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Strong business acumen: know the industry, competition, and trends affecting the business.
  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • Strong understanding of retail, on premise and distributor pricing structures
  • Steps to a successful sales call
  • Manage and track sales and depletions data
  • Understand client/buyer decision profiles.
  • Identify business opportunities in all sales channels.
  • Understand buyer/client marketing and merchandising concepts.
  • Tailor product sales concepts for clients/buyers.
  • Employ networking strategies to close more sales to buyers/clients.
  • Compose and communicate various cost calculations.
  • Identify logistical inefficiencies and develop improved solutions.
  • Demonstrate effective work project management strategies.


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