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Program Overview:

These Wine Business Courses Online offer an array of wine business topics including to financial and accounting concepts, data analytics, digital marketing and other relevant wine business topics that will enable you to make better business decisions and advance your career. Taught by wine industry professionals, each course is tailored to explore core business concepts presented from a wine industry perspective to provide knowledge that can be immediately applied to your business or organization.

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Wine Business Virtual Online Class Descriptions
Introduction to Wine Business Data Analytics

The goal of this course will be to step through the concepts and basic math behind various problems within the wine industry using examples and problems that are relevant to the operation, distribution and sales problems faced by stakeholders in the wine industry. The course is focused to provide a deeper understanding of mathematics, while the applications utilize built in Microsoft Excel functions to solve the problems.Topics to include, Introduction to modeling and Decision analytics, Regression Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Linear Modeling, & Correlation.

Cost Analysis for Wine Business

Designed for winery owners, accountant, bookkeepers, entrepreneurs, and others seeking a complete understanding of the cost of producing wine, this course will demystify the most complex aspects of winery accounting. By helping students develop an accurate understanding of the true costs of their product this course will enable students to build sustainable and profitable pricing strategies for various wine business models.

Data Visualization for Wine Business

We all deal with data on a daily basis. The goal of data visualization is to quickly present the data in such a way to get usable information from the data.  By looking a profit line that quickly approaches 0 can provide insight into how a company is doing. This course will utilize the visual format (graphing, lines, combining data) to allow a user to create information from data. The course will be setup using portions of Excel and Tableau.

The course has been setup so that no experience in data visualization in Excel or Tableau is required.
The course will guide you through the steps necessary to create your first visualization from the beginning based on data context, setting the stage for you to advance to the next course in the Specialization. Leveraging the visualizations, you created you will create dashboards that help you identify the story within your data. You will able to structure and organize your story for maximum impact. Learn and work with concepts, tips, and techniques to help you explore data, identify meaningful findings, and then explain them through the power of data visualization and storytelling. Determine the who, what, why, and how of the story and discover the importance of planning before you start. By the end of this course, you will be able to define what a story is and build a basic framework for presenting your story.

Strategic Wine Club Management

With the proliferation of wine clubs it is becoming harder to attract and retain members.This four-week course delves into the strategies and tactics of wine club management. From member acquisition through multiple channels, value-adds that connect and retain members, wine club design and execution, to utilizing metrics and measures to grow your club and increase your profit. This course is designed for wine club professionals who want to increase their effectiveness. It is also designed for winery owners and managers looking to create or redesign their club program. It will also benefit winery employees moving into wine club management and coordinator positions.

Social Media Marketing for Wine Business

You will learn to enhance your digital marketing presence on social media (Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest) by doing something different. This social media course will give an overview of key social media channels essential for the wine industry and what steps and best practices you can do to:

  • grow your social media presence,
  • increase engagement with tips by channel
  • create beautiful compelling content & photography to reach new customers resulting in increased winery revenue
  • boost to your social media reach and an increase in brand awareness. 
Wine Import & Distribution

This course will introduce the concepts of becoming an importer / distributor of alcohol with focus on the necessary steps from concept to inception of the wine industry. This covers the business applications and operating policies to operate within the US. Using real world examples and costing models, the students will explore and prepare a business plan demonstrating a particular aspect of the wine importing / distribution activity.