Damien Wilson, Ph.D.

Hamel Family Faculty Chair of Wine Business

Damien Wilson, Ph.D.


(707) 664-3555


Wine Spectator Learning Center 1012
  • University of South Australia - Ph.D. in Wine Marketing
  • University of South Australia - Master of Business
  • University of Adelaide - Bachelor's in Wine Marketing
  • University of Adelaide - Bachelor's in Agricultural Business

Dr. Damien Wilson is the inaugural Hamel Family Chair of Wine Business Education with SSU's Wine Business Institute. Dr. Wilson arrived in California in 2015 with 20 years of professional experience in the wine sector. This commercial experience facilitated him achieving the first-ever Honors Degree in Wine Business with the University of Adelaide, and this qualification is among his four degrees in the discipline of Wine Business. He joins us from Burgundy's School of Wine and Spirits Business, having established a European professorial career after having started with the University of South Australia in 1999.

Selected Publications & Presentations
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