Jinglin Jiang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Accounting

Jinglin Jiang, Ph.D.


(707) 664-3489


Stevenson 2807
  • The State University of New Jersey at Rutgers - Ph.D. in Accounting
  • Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China) - B.A. in Economics
Academic Interests
  • The role of financial reporting in capital markets
  • Disclosure
  • Information intermediaries
  • Corporate governance
  • Securities regulations

Professor Jinglin Jiang, holding a Ph.D. in Accounting from Rutgers University, teaches a variety of Financial Accounting courses. Her research lies at the intersection of financial accounting and corporate finance, with a focus on stock mispricing, corporate disclosure, securities regulations, the role of financial reporting in capital markets, and information intermediaries.

Selected Publications & Presentations



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  2. Jiang, J., & Wang, W. (2022). Individual investors' responses to mutual fund fire sales and sell-side analysts' price-correcting revisions. International Journal of Managerial Finance, 18 (3). 
  3. Jiang, J., Nanda, V., andn Xiao, S. (2021). Stock-Market Disruptions and Corporate Disclosure Policies. Journal of Corporate Finance, 66 (C). 
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  6. Santos, M., Richman, V., and Jiang, J. (2019). Online teaching: a study for the effectiveness of randomized exams. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, 22 (0).


  • FMA Meeting’s Semifinalist for Best Paper Award Rutgers Summer Research Award