Sergio Canavati, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Management

Sergio Canavati, Ph.D.


(707) 664-2954


Stevenson 2501
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City - Ph.D. in Economics and Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City - M.A. in Economics
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City - Master of Business Administration
  • William Jewell College - Bachelor of Business Administration

Dr. Sergio Canavati joins SSU from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and California State University, Los Angeles. His expertise includes building and executing entrepreneurship and innovation programs, including venture incubation, certificate and mentorship programs, financialization of businesses, entrepreneurial cognition, corporate governance, product platforms, and corporate social responsibility.  

Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Canavati, S., Libaers, D., Wang, T., Hooshangi, S., & Sarooghi, H. (in press). The relationship between human capital, new venture ideas, and opportunity beliefs: A meta‐analysis. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal,
  • Canavati, S., Bauman, M., & Wilson, D. (2020). The wine industry and the COVID-19 pandemic. Wine Business Journal, 4(2), 1-4.
  • Gilinsky Jr., A., Sen, A., Ford, J., Canavati, S., & Newton, S. K. (2020). US wine industry preparedness for unforeseen crises and disasters: An empirical test. Wine Economics and Policy, 9(1), 5-18.
  • Canavati, S. (2018). Corporate social performance in family firms: A meta-analysis. Journal of Family Business Management, 8(3), 235-273.
  • Canavati, S., Gilinsky Jr., A., & Young, J. (2018). Russian River Brewing Company In 2016: Positioning Pliny the Younger craft beer for growth. Case Research Journal, 38(3).
  • Barton, M., Schaefer, R., & Canavati, S. (2018). To be or not to be a social entrepreneur: Motivational drivers amongst American business students. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 6(1), 9-35.
  • Canavati, S., Benson, K., & Richardson, S. (2016). Rara Avis: Has this bird flown? Wine Business Case Research Journal, 2(1), 46-68.
  • Canavati, S., Bonet, D. R., Casas, A., & Barton, M. (2018). The magnificent five of the Catalan far west. Wine Business Case Research Journal, 2(1), 85-94.
  • Arend, R. J., Cao, X., Grego‐Nagel, A., Im, J., Yang, X., & Canavati, S. (2016). Looking upstream and downstream in entrepreneurial cognition: Replicating and extending the Busenitz and Barney (1997) study. Journal of Small Business Management, 54(4), 1147–1170.
  • Canavati, S. (2015). Asia MotorWorks: The launch decision. In G. Vega and M. S. Lam (Eds.), Entrepreneurial finance: Concepts and cases. Routledge: New York.