B.S. in Business Administration


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in one or more areas of concentration, prepares students for imaginative and responsible citizenship and leadership in society--domestic and worldwide. The degree includes a set of core course requirements and a broad range of fields of concentrations to choose from based on individual interests and career plans.

Sample 4-Year Degree Plan Degree Requirements

Declaring Business Administration

Students may declare the Business Administration major with desired concentration upon applying or entering SSU. Existing students who would like to change their major to Business Administration may do so by submitting the Change of Major/Minor form located on the Registrar's website.

Any student wishing to major in Business Administration should review the major requirements listed as well as the requirements for the specific concentrations listed below.

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There are six main concentrations for Business Administration majors. In addition, students have the option to select and design a Special Concentration in consultation with a faculty advisor (must be approved by the Special Concentration Area Chair.).

Requirements for Completing the Business Administration Degree

A minimum of 120 semester units is required to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. A total of 55 units with a minimum 2.00 GPA is required for the major; 14-15 additional units are needed in preparatory courses, some of which might apply toward general education requirements. In addition to general education and the major, most students need to take other coursework to fulfill unit requirements for the degree. Such courses may be selected from the entire university curriculum and may be used to explore other disciplines, complete a minor, or take more classes in the major.

NOTE: The information in this sheet is provided for guidance only and is not an official representation of your graduation requirements. Students should refer to their individual Academic Requirements Report (ARR) to ensure all University graduation requirements are met. It is strongly suggested that students meet with their faculty concentration advisor well in advance of registration.

1. Complete All Lower Division Business Major Requirements

Complete Lower Division Business Major Preparatory Courses

  1. ECON 204 Introduction to Macroeconomics (4 units)
  2. ECON 205 Introduction to Microeconomics (4 units)
  3. BUS 211 Business Statistics OR ECON 217 Statistics for Econ & Bus (4 units) OR MATH 165 Elementary Statistics 
  4. MATH 131 Introduction to Finite Mathematics (3 units) or MATH 161 Calculus (4 units)

Complete Lower Division Business Major Core Requirements

  1. BUS 225 Legal Environment of Business (4 units)
  2. BUS 230A Financial Accounting (4 units)
  3. BUS 230B Managerial Accounting (4 units) (BUS 230A is a prerequisite)

2. Complete All Upper Division Core Requirements & Concentration Courses

All business students must complete these core requirements (coursework in the selected area of concentration usually may be taken concurrently).

IMPORTANT: All lower division major requirements (the 7 courses listed in #2 above) are prerequisites for the upper division business core and concentration requirements. All courses must be complete before taking any of the courses listed below (or in-progress if registering for the next term). If you are taking any of the lower division courses at another institution you must notify the School of Business undergrad office (business@sonoma.edu) with proof of enrollment in order to be able to register for upper division core in the following term, and an official transcript with final grades must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Complete All Upper Division Core Business Courses

  1. BUS 316 - Operations and Supply Chain Management (4 units)
  2. BUS 319 - Introduction to MIS (4 units)
  3. BUS 320 - Business Data Analysis and Interpretation (4 units)
  4. BUS 344 - Organizational Behavior (4 units)
  5. BUS 360 - Introduction to Marketing (4 units)
  6. BUS 370 - Introduction to Managerial Finance (4 units)
  7. BUS 491 - Seminar in Management Strategy and Policy (4 units)
    1. Note: BUS 491 is the capstone course in the Business Administration major designed to be taken in the student's final semester. Prerequisites: completion of all other upper division core courses and submission of graduation application.

Complete 5 Courses From Your Chosen Concentration

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3. Complete Electives

If students need additional units in the major beyond the core and concentration to complete the 55-unit requirement for the program, they may elect to take additional coursework from their own or another area of concentration or from other approved courses offered within the business curriculum, such as BUS 296, 299, 385, 388, 466, 495, and 499.

It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the major requirements as stated in the catalog and consult with a faculty advisor prior to choosing elective courses intended to meet major requirements.

Students who need additional units to fulfill the 120 units required to graduate can take BUS 296 and BUS 299.

Optional: Studying Away and Business

Sonoma State University students are encouraged to study away as a part of their academic experience! Studying away is where a student takes academic courses in another location, either in another state or territory in the United States through the National Student Exchange program, or abroad through various SSU study abroad programs, including CSU International Programs. SSU students can choose from a variety of semester and yearlong study away programs across the globe while taking classes toward graduation and using their financial aid. For more information on programs and locations available, and for information on the application process to study away, students should contact the SSU Global Engagement Office.

Lower Division Business students can study away their sophomore year to take Business major pre-requisite courses. Upper Division Business students can take upper-division Business courses their junior year. Business majors can study away the Fall semester of their senior year as well, but should keep in mind that they must complete their Senior Capstone Course BUS 491 at SSU. Contact your department chair for advising. 


4. Fulfill the GWAR [NOTE: The GWAR has been waived for students who are in a catalog year between Fall 2020 - Spring 2023 or are graduating prior to Summer 2023]

Sonoma State will be working on a new policy to be implemented for students entering in catalog year Fall 2023.

The GWAR can be fulfilled by completing a WIC course with a letter grade of C- or better.

Take a look at the GWAR page on the Learning and Academic Resource (LARC) website for more information.

GWAR Info on LARC Website


Minor in Business Administration

Students may qualify for a minor by completing a 20-unit program.

More about the Minor in Business Administration

Learning Objectives for the Business Administration major

  • Demonstrate general business problem-solving skills
  • Employ ethical reasoning
  • Apply global perspectives
  • Interpret quantitative applications
  • Demonstrate written communication skills
  • Show oral communication skills

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