Professional Sales Certificate


Program Overview:

The Professional Sales Certificate program will expose you to the various aspects of professional selling and the essential skills necessary to enter the field. It equips you with a process for selling, focusing on skills to influence, communicate effectively, and provide valuable solutions as consultants who solve problems and create value for organizations. This program is currently offered to undergraduate Business students only

The Rise of "Non-Sales" Selling

People spend about 40% of their time at work engaged in non-sales selling - persuading, influencing, and convincing others in ways that don't involve anyone making a purchase. Across a range of professionals, we are devoting roughly 24 minutes of every hour to moving others to act.

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Suggested Four-Year Academic Plan (21-22 units):

Year 1 ECON 205: Intro to Microeconomics (4) or BUS 211: Business Statistics (4)
Year 2 BUS 230A: Principles of Accounting (4)
Year 3 BUS 360: Intro to Marketing (4) [Prerequisites: ECON 205 or BUS 211; BUS 230A]
Year 3/4 Choose an Elective Course
  • BUS 391: Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation (4)
  • BUS 367: Consumer Behavior (4)
  • BUS 499: Internship (3-4) 
    [Mandatory pre-approval by SBE Internship Director]
Year 4
  • BUS 463: Sales Management and Personal Selling (4) 
    [Prerequisites: BUS 360, Fall]
  • BUS 493: Advanced Topics in Professional Sales (2) 
    [Through Extended Education] 
    [Prerequisites: BUS 360 and BUS 463.] 


For more information contact Dr. Rich Campbell.